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Saturday, 19 April 2014

We went to Worthing!!!

 Yesterday, Andrea said we were going out.  All the way to the bus stop across the road from our house!!  That's not far.....

 A few minutes later, the number 700 Coastliner bus came along and we got on!!  We've never ridden this bus before!!

 We went past Portslade Harbour and that's Southwick where the chimney is!!

 We're going past Shoreham Harbour now!!!

 They have an Indian Take away here too!!!
Don't know if I want to eat any though.....

 Here we are at Worthing!!!  They had this on Brighton seafront once!!!

 There's Worthing Pier....

 And there's the Lido!!  We're going to play games here with our friend Emma  and Bex!!  They've never played at the Lido before - they brought Winston Dog with them too and he was really happy!  He even licked my face too, I like Winston Dog!!

 We won lots of prizes here, it was brilliant!!

 then we went somewhere for coffee.  Emma bought me a Yellow Cupcake with a spotty chocolate on the top!!!  I really like Emma!!

 Then we had a wander round to Mr Simms Olde Sweetie Shoppe and Andrea bought me some chocolate.  She's nice too.

 Then it was time to come home, so Emma and Bex walked me to the bus stop outside the Dome Tea room.

 And we got another 700 bus going back to Brighton.  It was mega busy though, and ended up being standing room only!!  We got seats though, Andrea's good that way!!

 And we got off right outside our house!!  Isn't that fab!!!

We got all these prizes!  London bus keyring, Postbox keyring, a trolley token keyring, a bug and a historical London Eye fridge magnet.  What's historical about the London Eye though???  I thought you had to be really old to be historical like Andrea's Mum and Dad??

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mail from Bob and Dilly!!

 We got a letter from Bob and Dilly today!

 It had a Womble stamp in!! Wombles live on Wimbledon Common and clear up all the rubbish!!

Its a bunny rabbit card!

From their gang to my gang!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Foxy Mail!!!

 We got a card from Little Fox today!!!!

It's the cheese factory!! Yum!

Monday, 31 March 2014

McPig Post!!

 We got a package!!!

 It's from Sullivan!! We've been swapping books!)

 CHOCOLATE!! mouse chocolate!!

And a puzzle!! Thank you Sullivan!!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

LOADS of grafitti!!!

 We found the next 33 pictures around Brighton at the end of February 2014, up until the last Orca Whale one!

 The latest Dragon boxes seen in Brighton on 3rd November 2013

 Seen in Brighton on 31st October 2013 with Sullivan McPig!!!

 These three were found in Bremen, Germany by my friend Hammie!!!

 The latest grafitti'd cable box in Brighton town!!!  Rhino!!

 This one of the seal is from Canada!! 
Thanks for forwarding that one, Alexander!!
These four are near the seafront in Brighton.

And this one is near Hove Train Station!!

 Brighton Festival, May 2013

 These three found in Brighton during May 2013

Giraffe seen at Brighton Pier, May 2013

 We found this one on 11th May 2013!

 Seen on 5th May 2013 in Brighton!!

 These ones we found in Brighton town centre in April 2013!

OK, so this is the updated cable box grafitti art with all the boxes together, starting with the Piranha Fish!!!  RAAHHHRRR!

We found loads more graffitti'd cable boxes recently!!!  First of all, this new kitty one.....

Then a new Christmassy one....

And a new cassette one......

And a new blue Meanie one....!

But he might be a yeti, I'm not sure.....

We found some more grafitti'd cable boxes!! These three are the sides and front of a new alligator 

And these two are next to each other and "join up" to make "23"!! 

 Well, first post of 2013, and it's the updated grafitti'd cable box collection!  The first three were from my last walk around town in December....... and I've spotted some more new ones since!!

 This is the side shot of the Christmas tree below......
We found another three grafitti'd cable boxes recently - two more badgers (they used to be the Blue Meanies posted lower down) and another cassette lord!

We spotted five more grafitti'd cable boxes recently, so have now made a point of photographing them!!
We start with a Blue Meanie.

These are special buses called "The Big Lemon" that run out to the University.  They work on cooking oil instead of petrol!!!

Another Blue Meanie.... They painted this over the Dino Rox Box.  George is Very Upset.

This one's the newest, I think.  It's a Lemur!!

Here are some more cable box thingies that I found in the last couple of months that have been decorated!
at the time of posting (4th Sept 2012) I've spotted another three new ones that I need to go photograph!!

This badger and monkey are next to each other!!

That's the last of the current "new batch"!!

We found the above and the badger back in May 2012. 
The ones after the badger was the start of the collection!!!

 While we've been walking around over the last couple of weeks, we've spotted some decorated electric/telephone cable boxes!!!!!  So we've started a new photo collection!!

 This one has a portrait on it!!!

 And this one is a snowman!!!!!  And he doesn't melt in the sun either!!!

 The side had a happy christmas message on it!!


 I think this one's my favourite!!!  We see this one from the bus when we go to work!!!
I think they made this one specially for George and Dilly!!!

 Numbers, as well....

And a scarey monster too!!

Found in Poole Valley, Brighton in February 2011

This lady was found in near Churchill Square on July 22nd 2012

 This is a new grafitti box that I walk past on the way to work!!!  Found in Brighton in April 2012

And this one, after the Dino Rox Box, is my favourite!!