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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Updated Art Journal

 this is one of a series of books I've made with Khadi paper pulp as the sheets.  (the others are on my etsy shop).  This is what I've done so far....

 that little piece of plastic that the pen is sitting on ...... soap wrapper from a mini soap at the Lille hotel I stayed in last March, bound into the book!!!

The little sheet has Bellagio tissue paper gift wrap from a trip to Las Vegas in 2007

 The other side of the small sheet has rubber stamps....
 You can sew fabric into pulp paper as well, holds up really well.

 Paris playing card and washi tape..... one of my lino prints on green paper and some gold wrapping from a box of patisserie wonders from Meert in Lille, France.
The French "spread"!!

 Then some Klimt-ish gilt work for the Royal Academy ticket pages with a quote in between....

With another little quote and some gold paper from Meert pattiserie in Lille France on the rest of the Royal Academy ticket!!

 The Lowry exhibition ticket from the Tate in London.....

That's the Royal Pavillion, Brighton, ticket.....

Followed by The Royal Announcement!!
(which I did first....!)

 I was sent a decorated tag from Mary G in America.... so this page reflects the design on the tag with blue paint and gold highlights dabbed on with a damp sponge.  Skeleton leaves were added, and also part of a glassine sheet from a box of Laduree patisserie macarons!!

 That's the tag taken out of the glassine "pocket".

 and the next page had the blue/purple paint with gold highlights also plus tissue paper and some quotes.

 I like being weird.  I've been practising for years......

More paint, gold stippling, tissue paper and washi tape...

 Out of focus full blue spread.

The mini green sheet has feather, washi tape, French postage stamp and a Japanese franking machine postmark.  The white page underneath has the sparkly plastic hole punch bits and found buttons.

 A favourite quote
This is the latest page of my sketch book!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Movie Review - Behind the Candelabra

Movie review number 26

This is the story of a young kid called Scott Thorson (Matt Damon) who, some time in 1977, goes to Las Vegas with his cowboy mate (Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap) and is taken to a Liberace concert (played VERY well by Michael Douglas).  Liberace is playing his boogie woogie tune on the piano and Scott and the whole audience, as usual, is blown away with the skill and showmanship!  Scott is taken backstage and introduced to Liberace, who takes an immediate liking to the youngster.  Liberace invites both of them to his house the next day, and they go visit.  The house is as sumptuous, if not more so, than Liberace's stage show!!!
Before you know it, Scott has decided to move out of his foster home and dog training job, and move in with Liberace..... not just his house but his bed as well.  (At this time, homosexuality was still not tolerated in show biz and, had it been public knowledge that Liberace was gay, would have meant the end of his career.  Which is amazing now, because of his outrageous camp-ness!)
The story moves on to show Scott and Liberace's relationship develop, involving Scott in Liberace's stage show, Liberace's desire to adopt Scott, and Liberace's suggestion for plastic surgery on Scott so he would look like Liberace.  The plastic surgeon, played hysterically well by Rob Lowe, ultimately starts Scott's addiction to drugs - initially prescription, and then illegal - which then leads (along with Liberace's voracious sexual appetite) to the demise of their relationship in 1981.  The movie includes Scott's infamous and unsuccessful "alimony" lawsuit against Liberace.
The movie ends with Liberace's last meeting with Scott, before ultimately dying from an AIDS related illness.
Oh, and Debbie Reynolds plays Liberace's Mum terrifically well, too!

Oh yes, this is brilliant!!  Although there are two "intimate bedroom" scenes and some rather gory plastic surgery scenes, this is well worth getting the DVD!!

10 out of 10

Ben and Jerry's "Everything in it" icecream with as many sprinkles, toppings and additional extras as you can possibly think of!

Foxy Mail!!!

 Today we got a postcard!!!  It was from Little Fox!!

 Oh wow, that's pretty....

I love pretty flowers!!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Complete UK drain cover collection

 This one isn't really a drain, but it's an indoor drain looking item, from the Courtauld Gallery in London!

And that's another indoor drain type object from the Royal Academy in London.
The ones below are the rest of the outdoor manhole cover collection - although about a dozen have gone AWOL since a mistaken removal from my Picassa web album!  I'm hoping I'll find the missing dozen at some point!

 The one above and one below found in Brighton in July 2014

Found the one above in London in June 2014

Above seen near Palmeira Square in Hove in January 2014

 Found in Gower Street, London on 11th May 2013, one above and three below.....

Found in Brighton in April 2013!!

We found this one in London in March 2013!! It's near the St Pancras Youth Hostel.

We found this one in Chichester in August 2012!!

This one we found at the Tower of London in April 2012!!

 Here's some more drain covers that we found in London in October 2011!  This one is near St Paul's Cathedral!

 This one's pretty - I can't remember if we've seen this design before though....!!

This one's a bit like a chequerboard!

And Bob spotted this one on the way to the art shop!  He's a sharp eyed bear, you know!

 The next four are ones we found in Portsmouth!  This one is in the Historic Dockyard!

And this one got poo'd on by a seagull!!

This is an arrow one for the Brunel House in Portsmouth!

This is another one we found in Portsmouth.

These ones are from Brighton and Hove. We went for a walk along the seafront last week, and found some more drain covers!!  This one has holes in it!!!

And this one has lumps!!!

 This one has holes and lines on it....

 And this one is self locking!!!  How does it unlock though???

This one looks a bit like a wagon wheel and has bits of glass in!!

 Oh!  I think this one's my favourite!  It's got a daisy in the middle!!!

 We found another drain cover just with lines on it.

I decided to add my three new found drain covers to the big post of all of them!
This one I found in Rotherhithe, London, last May!

This one I found near Spitalfields Market in London

And this one I found near Victoria Station, London, not far from that fancy hotel that Princess Kate stayed in before her wedding!!
(Ed's note: I can't tell if this is the same as the other starburst ones we found in Brighton.....?)

As promised, I've now collected all my drain cover pictures into one post!!! This one is the latest, taken in Brighton, England!

And a round Brighton one with holes in!!

And a rusty Brighton drain cover!!

This one is from Hove in England, and has a starburst on it!

And this one has a lion!!!
Below is my original post all about drain covers in Brighton, England, first posted in September 2010!!!

A couple of weeks ago, me and Andrea went for a walk. I wanted to show her the drain covers I'd noticed - I think because she's higher up, she doesn't see them but they're ever so pretty!! This one has glass in some of it!

This one says "Gas Gas" on it - Andrea says that's You Tilly Tea.

This one's pretty too - I like the squares and diamonds on it!

This one's another You Tilly Tea for Water.

G G. I wonder if that's another gas one? The other gas one we saw was also a square cover...

This one has a sunflower engraved on it!!!

Oh - a rectangular one! Wonder what this is for?

This one's called "Pam Water". I guess she's in charge of that thing called You Tilly Tea.

Oh!! This one's made up of diamonds but has a flowery design on top!

And another one made up of circles!

Hodges and Butler..... wonder who they are?

Oh! More gas ones!! Yeah, I think all the gas ones must be squares. That's how they tell.

That's pretty!

Ah, now we have to be careful now. This is Grade C Dangerous Electricity. From Sigane. Wonder where Sigane is?

On the way home, we found some more drain cover things. This one says M but Andrea said it might be W for Water.

A triangular one!! I wonder what that does?

It's a Thomas Dudley Meter! I wonder what You Tilly Tea that is? I've never heard of getting Dudley and Thomas Bills.

FP - wonder who that is?

FH Brickhouse. Hmm..... Oh, it's Water.... it says so on the bottom!!

Fire Hydrant.... Andrea says that's for the Fire Engines if they need water to put fires out.
Oh, another little square one - must be gas!

We also saw one with a starburst in!

And another FH Water one! I never knew there were so many shapes and designs!