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Thursday, 5 March 2015

We got Hamster mail!!!!

 We got a letter from America today....

 It had Hammie Hamster artistamps in it!!!!!  Oh we've got to send these to my friend Hammie, he'd love them!!!!

And we got these stamps too!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Interesting art supplies....

 We got a big envelope in the mail today.

 It had paint samples in it and Andrea says we're going to try and use them to make stuff!!!

Hmmmm....... they're nice colours though!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Movie review - "Sweet Smell of Success"

Movie review number 37

This is a 1950s black and white movie set in New York City and centres around JJ Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster) the gossip columnist, Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) the press agent ....... and JJs sister who he's fiercely protective of as his only family member, and her boyfriend Steve Dallas who plays guitar in a jazz quintet.  Hunsecker and Falco are both very corrupt and manipulative journalists who will do (almost) anything to get what they want and the story revolves around JJ using Falco to plant false evidence on Steve Dallas to manipulate JJs sister into dumping Dallas.  What neither of them realise until almost the end is that Dallas has proposed to her, and she has accepted....... and suddenly false drug evidence is planted on Dallas resulting in his loss of a job, and a beating from - no, it couldn't be the Police could it?
This is a brilliant movie with a fabulous script and backing music from the Chico Hamilton Quintet, and works terrifically in black & white.  You need to pay attention though as right at the end, there is a big twist in the story where you realise the kid sister isn't so much of a kid any more....... and who's really manipulating who??

Absolutely!!!  This is compulsory watching!

10 squeaks out of 10!!

Classic popcorn and soda movie

We went for a walk.....

Today the sun was out so we decided to go for a walk..... we haven't done that for ages!!  First we went to Tesco's to get a couple of things.

Then we went down here.....

On the way to Hove Art Gallery!!  Somebody drew a skull on the sign!!

There it is!!  It's not open because it's Sunday morning - they only open in the afternoon on Sundays.

We left a bookcrossing book there though!!!

Can you see where I left it?!?!

Then we decided to go down to the seafront.

We turned round and took another picture of the Museum!!!

Here we are!!!  It's a bit windy on the seafront but it's still nice with the sun out!

We found a sparkly stone!!!  I think we'll put that in Bob's Trezzure chest, he likes intresting stones and rocks!!

Gosh it's nice here.....

A bit further on, we found some more beach huts!!

You can just about see the West Pier in the distance.

 We found an interesting marker here - it looks like a fishtail!

 It says that Brighton is 2 miles away and Shoreham is 5 miles away.

 We stayed and watches the waves for a bit.  We like doing that!

 Then we came up these steps....

And came home!!

We found two parking tickets for me and two rocks for Bob!!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

New Friends.

 A few weeks ago, Andrea found this lost sheep on her way home.  Somebody had dropped him on the floor face down and he was quite traumatized.  He's been settling in very well though, sitting on the bed with all the Bed Bear Gang.  He says his name is Stinky Baa and he's stuff with Lavendar and he's smelly.

Then yesterday, Andrea was given a present from her Mum who'd been to India recently.  His name is Lemmie!  He says he can see in the dark and he gets grumpy sometimes.  That's OK, Andrea's like that most mornings.....

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Marbling with nail polish!!!

 Yesterday Andrea was given some left over nail polish by somebody at work and tonight when she got home, we had a go at marbling with it!!!  We got a big plastic tub and part-filled it with water and then dripped some of the nail varnish into it, swished it about a bit and then placed some card on top...... these are the results!!!

Even the "collecting the remnant bits of polish" ones worked!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Movie Review - "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

Movie review number 36

This movie starts with three Klingon Warbirds intercepting a Very Large Cloud Thing  (VLCT) in space and trying to destroy it.  Their photon torpedoes have no effect, and disappear into the VLCT and then the Klingons get attacked and consumed by the VLCT.
Meanwhile on planet Vulcan, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is undergoing the Kohlinahr ceremony as he had reputedly achieved total logic.  However at the last moment, he stops proceedings as his mind has contacted the VLCT and he then knows his destiny lies elsewhere.  The ceremony ends.
Back on Earth Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) is on his way to see the Big Chief to get himself in charge of the Starship Enterprise which is currently in spacedock undergoing an upgrade.  Scotty the Engineer (James Doohan) drives him to the ship in a little shuttlepod gizmo, and the Captain eventually finds his way to the Bridge to meet the rest of the crew.  From there, he goes to Engineering to speak to Captain Will Decker (Stephen Collins) to tell him that he's not in charge any more, because Kirk's taken over because he's heard about the VLCT and wants to catch it. Decker is a bit pissed off but can't do anything to prevent it.  They later learn of a Space Station which has now being intercepted by the VLCT and the crew of the Enterprise witness the Space Station's destruction, and then depart to intercept..... but not before the arrival of the last crew member to step onboard ship - Deltan Ilya (Persis Khambatta - since sadly died) who had previously had a failed relationship with Decker.
On the way to the VLCT, another space shuttle gizmo arrives at the ship and asks for docking permission.  The shuttle contains Spock, direct from Vulcan...... who then joins the crew as Science Officer for the remainder of the trip.
They then encounter the VLCT which sends them a message....... and when that's not replied to, it starts photon torpedoeing the ship!!!  The Enterprise then works out the message is in binary and sends a friendly reply....... and a while later, they get a plasma probe on board the ship which starts downloading all the information from the computers!!!  Spock smashes a computer console to stop the probe and gets a few nasty electric shocks in response.  Then Ilya gets a bunch of electric shocks...... and then suddenly disappears as does the plasma probe!!!  OH NOOO!!!
Then the intruder alert goes off on deck five, and Kirk & Spock rush down to find out what's going on.  They find Ilya in the shower in her old cabin...... except it isn't Ilya!!!  It's a mechanised computer probe version of Ilya to interact easier with the Carbon Infestation on the ship whilst collecting information prior to the Carbon Infestation being reduced to data information units.  Decker is told to show the Ilya probe around the ship to assist in collecting information.  In the meantime, the ship is tractor beamed inside the VLCT and continues on their way back to earth.
On arrival in Earth Orbit, Ilya then states that the VLCT is actually called Vger and has arrived to join with the Creator, and eliminate the Carbon Infestation on Earth.  Vger has sent a message to the Creator which is not answered (the Creator doesn't use the same speech patterns!) so Vger sends plasma bombs into Earths orbit - and Kirk says he knows why the Creator hasn't answered!!!!  But Kirk won't tell Ilya the answer until the plasma bombs have been removed, and THEN insists on tell Vger directly instead of Ilya!!!
Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Decker and Ilya then go to the centre of the Vger cloud..... and discover it's actually the Voyager 6 probe sent from Earth by NASA 300 years previously to collect all information in the Universe and then return to transmit the information to The Creator..... which was the Carbon Infestation on Earth..... and the message was sent to the Creator by radiowaves which are no longer in use!!!
The very end of the movie shows .......... I'm not going to tell you but the Earth doesn't get blown to pieces!!!

Yes..... not the strongest of Star Trek movies, but a good yarn nevertheless.

6 squeaks out of 10

Neon green lime jelly with sprinkles on top.