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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Painting choice for Royal Academy Summer Show.

Every year, the Royal Academy in London has as Summer Exhibition where anyone can submit up to two paintings for juried application to enter.  I have decided that in 2015 I'm going to enter one painting (it costs £25 to enter one!!) and have been producing (now five) watercolour paintings since I got back from Paris last May.
They are.....

 1.  Morning Storm.

 2. Montmartre Church

 3.  Doorway 1

 4.  Ile de Cite

5.  Doorway 2

I am now opening the above paintings to a vote - the one that gets the most "likes" will be the one I enter!!!

Bear in mind though, that in 2013, 10,000 people entered and 1,000 got included in the exhibition, and in 2014, 12,000 people applied and 600 got chosen!!  The odds are SMALL!!!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Parisian Art Journal

These are images from a Paris Art Journal that I started back in 2012, using all the postcards, ATCs, metro tickets, postage stamps and other detritus I'd collected over the years.  The pictures got accidentally deleted off the blog but I've managed to re-find the following off Google, yippee!!  

 Page one

 Page one without the postcard

 Page one postcard!!

Page two

page 3

Page four

page 5

page 6

page 7

page 8

page 9

Page ten

page 11

page 12

page 13

page 14

 page 15

page 16

Page 17

page 18

page 19

page 20

 Page 21

Page 22

page 23

page 24

page 25

page 26

page 27

page 28

 page 29

page 30

page 31

Page 32

page 33

page 34

page 35

page 36

page 37

page 38

page 39

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Random sky pictures

This morning from my living room window

Monday, 17 November 2014

Movie Review - "Godfather Part 3"

Movie review number 31

This movie is the third and final movie of the Godfather series, and picks up the family story in 1979.  Al Pacino (Don Corleone) is officially divorced from his on-screen wife, Diane Keaton and their two children are all grown up.  The movie begins with Pacino collecting a big official award from the Vatican church, presented to him in a fancy ceremony in New York City.  During the party afterwards, his daughter Mary meets her cousin Anthony (played by Andy Garcia) and there's a mutual attraction that develops through the movie.  Pacino's on-screen son tells Pacino that he's dropping out of law school to pursue music as a career which pisses off Pacino.
Later, Pacino has a conversation with the Vatican representative (a Bishop) who says the Vatican is 700 million dollars in debt and asks for help.  An agreement is made that Pacino purchases a large property business, Immobilare, from the Vatican for $600million...... which later in the movie, the Vatican tries to wheedle their out of by saying it was never ratified by the Pope (who is seriously ill at the time) therefore is null and void, which pisses off Pacino some more!!  More underhanded wheedling is done behind the scenes between the Mob and the Vatican....... later resulting in the "God's Banker" found hanging by his neck underneath a bridge in London (which really did happen back in the 1980s, with rumours of Mafia links!!!)  The Pope later dies, a new Pope is brought in, who himself dies a few days later..... amidst rumours of poisoning!!  (again, that really happened too!!)
Pacino back in New York City organises a big Dinner at a posh restaurant bringing in lots of Mob chiefs and passes out large cheques (checks) to them as their shares of casino profits.  One mafia boss stomps out in a huff ...... and a few seconds later, a helicopter hovers outside the restaurant window, and machine guns go off, killing most of the other remaining mafia chiefs!!!  UH-OH!!!!!
The latter part of the movie is based in Sicily, where Pacino's son is premiering at the Opera house there in his first professional production - the whole family turn up to watch.  At the end, as the Corleone family exit the Opera house, an assassin takes shots at Pacino and his daughter........ with one of the most effective and memorable "death" scenes in cinema.
Pacino's own death at the very end of the movie has you feeling really sorry for him.

Oh yes!!!

9.5 squeaks out of 10

Chianti and pizza with your favourite toppings!!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I made a mudlarking mosaic!!

 Today we got all my mudlarking finds out and decided to make a mosaic out of them!

 First of all, I laid out all the pieces to see how big it would be.......
I decided just to use the pottery bits plus the little piece of green glass

 Then I got the air drying clay, rolling pin and drinking straw out.

 Next thing I did was to roll out the air drying clay.  I needed to use the whole packet!!!

 Then I used the drinking straw and jabbed it into one corner.....

 And made a hole all the way through.  That's so I can hang it up later when it's finished.

 I did the same in the other corner too.

 then came the fun bit!!  I got all the pottery shards and put them on top of the clay and then jumped up and down on it until it had sunk in!!!!

 That was quite exhausting but Andrea helped out a bit too.  She's good like that!

 There!!  That'll do!!!  Now I can just leave that on the window sill until it's completely dry!!!  Don't know how long it'll take though.....

 The two bigger pieces of glass that I found on the Thames I decided to keep with my other seaglass and marbles,.

 They're all kept in a mustard jar I got in Paris last May!!!

 So - that just leaves the pipe stems and weird metal things.  We've already got an idea for the pipe stems though!!!  (more later!)

......and the oyster shell and pebble.  Don't know what we'll do with those!!
But they are pretty....!